Table of Contents
   Emergence con flama: A Performance Text
      Record Time
      Marriage and Commitment
      Nights at Dugan's Bistro: Dancing with Angels, Dancing with Ghosts
      Rhythm is a dancer
   In Transit Elevated Postcard
      The wife and the bride
      Cold Cab
      Darla Speeding
      Cheese, Gifts, Fireworks! (A Wisconsin Sonnet)
      The Incorrect Tattoo
      Juanga Forever
      Zoo Mountain
      The Anarchist Potluck
      Barrie Cole
   The Grind
      New. Great. Revolutionary.
      Travels with Charley
      Forgiv: A Queer Call for Survival in the City
      Duped in Grit
   Family Matters
      The Mudroom
      I Am My Daughter's Dad
   Hooking Up
      The True Story of S/Him and Femme
      Lesbian Movie Night
      Spilling over
      The Liar
      At the Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, 2001
      Everything You Always Wanted to Know
      Tiny Moon Notebook