Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. xi
   Introduction: "Mister Blues, How Do You Do?" / "Can I Change My Mind?"p. 1
   Elder Spirits
      Junior Wells: "Come On in This House"p. 21
      Sunnyland Slim: "It Given Me a Tender Heart"p. 34
      Big Walter Horton: "I Mean It from My Heart"p. 47
   "We Gon' Pitch a Boogie-Woogie!"
      Florence's Lounge: Memories of an Urban Jukep. 61
      Maxwell Street: Last Dance at the Carnival of the Soulp. 75
      "Let's Go, Baby, to the Hole in the Wall": Clubbing along the Current Chicago Scenep. 93
      Jody Williams: Return of a Legendp. 117
      Bonnie Lee: "When I'm up There, I Lets Everything Out"p. 136
      Billy Branch: "It's the Most Powerful Music on the Planet"p. 153
      Sharon Lewis: "I've Lived through Some Treacherous Times"p. 175
      Lurrie Bell: "God-Give Me Strength to Be Strong"p. 193
   "The Soul Side of Town"
      Artie White: "It's a God-Gifted Thing"p. 215
      Cicero Blake: "Give Me What I Have Coming or Give Me Nothing"p. 231
      Little Scotty: "I'm Not Only a Blues Singer-I'm a Motivator"p. 249
   Coda: "I Was Looking for the Future, but the Blues Was All I Found"-Thoughts on What Was, What Is, and What Might Be in Storep. 267
   Notesp. 287
   Works Citedp. 301
   Indexp. 305