Table of Contents
   Foreword to the Second Edition
   Introductory Note
   A Note on the Title
   About the Authors
   Using This Book
   Introduction: So They Say We Have Schizophrenia
   In the Beginning
   So Many Questions: The Quick Reference Guide
   How the Brain Works
   What Is Schizophrenia?
   Why Me?
   Diagnosing Schizophrenia
   What Will People Think of Me Now?
   Out of the Hospital and Staying Well
   Coping with Positive and Negative Symptoms
   Coping with Other Symptoms and Side Effects
   Drugs, Alcohol, and Safer Sex
   Under the Microscope
   Zelda's Story
   Who Am I Now?
   Getting the Social Services You Need
   Vocational Rehabilitation
   Client Assistance Program Directory
   Vocational Rehabilitation Directory
   Other Resources