Table of Contents
   Manus manum lavatp. 1
   "God, I am in Chicago"p. 9
   "A tolerance for rubes"p. 30
   "Give her my regards"p. 48
   "Your show of shows"p. 73
   "I'll get you a judge"p. 85
   In the sleeping roomp. 101
   "How long is it supposed to last?"p. 126
   Annals of the paper tube tradep. 132
   "A byutafl day in the palka"p. 153
   "You gave the money away?"p. 166
   A visit from the Angel Nachtp. 176
   "A lot of broken hearts"p. 195
   Driving with Ed McElroyp. 208
   "Gee, ya think?"p. 227
   The city in fogp. 235
   Acknowledgmentsp. 245