Table of Contents
   Introductionp. xi
      Conquerors and Victims: The Image of America Forms (1500-1800)p. 3
      The Spanish Borderlands and the Making of an Empire (1810-1898)p. 27
      Banana Republics and Bonds: Taming the Empire's Backyard (1898-1950)p. 58
      Puerto Ricans: Citizens Yet Foreignersp. 81
      Mexicans: Pioneers of a Different Typep. 96
      Cubans: Special Refugeesp. 108
      Dominicans: From the Duarte to the George Washington Bridgep. 117
      Central Americans: Intervention Comes Home to Roostp. 129
      Colombians and Panamanians: Overcoming Division and Disdainp. 149
      The Return of Juan Seguín: Latinos and the Remaking of American Politicsp. 167
      Immigrants Old and New: Closing Borders of the Mindp. 199
      Speak Spanish, You're in America!: El Huracán over Language and Culturep. 225
      Free Trade: The Final Conquest of Latin Americap. 249
      Puerto Rico, U.S.A.: Possessed and Unwantedp. 278
   Epiloguep. 307
   Acknowledgmentsp. 312
   Notesp. 314
   Glossaryp. 353
   Bibliographyp. 355
   Interviewsp. 369
   Indexp. 373