Table of Contents
   Begin Your Family History Odyssey
      Why Explore Genealogy?
      Begin Building Your Family Tree
      Place Your Ancestors into Context and Locate Their Personal Records
      Use Census Schedules and Records
   Expand Your Research
      Extend Your Research Using Advanced Record Types
      Locate and Use Military Records
      Donn++t Be Afraid of Land and Property Records
      Locate and Use Emigration, Immigration and Naturalization Records
   Learn Reaserach Methods and Strategies
      Discover Where to Locate Documents about Your Family
      Locate Your Ancestors on the Internet
      Follow Alternative Research Paths to Locate Difficult People
      Plan a Very Successful Research Trip
   Use Genetics and Technology
      Explore Your Genetic Genealogy
      Use Technology to Streamline Your Genealogical Research
      Select and Use a Genealogical Database Program