Table of Contents
   Forewordp. xi
   Welcomep. xiv
   Prefacep. xvii
   The Foundation of Weight Loss
      The History of Heftp. 3
      The Science of Skinnyp. 44
   How It Works
      Understanding Sugar Caloriesp. 88
      Your Four Week Planp. 96
   What's Next
      Week Five and Beyondp. 145
      Motivational Toolsp. 153
   Bonus Material
      When to Add More Sugar Caloriesp. 163
      The Food Listsp. 168
      Forget to Exercisep. 193
   Comparing and Contrasting Popular Dietsp. 203
   FAQs and Motivation Toolsp. 217
   Resourcesp. 229
   Glossaryp. 235
   Bibliographyp. 245
   Acknowledgmentsp. 253