Table of Contents
   Prologue: Taking a Look at Alternative Medicinep. 1
   Introduction: Saving Joey Hofbauerp. 7
   Distrust of Modern Medicine
      Rediscovering the Past: Mehmet Oz and His Superstarsp. 25
   The Lure of All Things Natural
      The Vitamin Craze: Linus Pauling's Ironic Legacyp. 47
   Little Supplement Makers Versus Big Pharma
      The Supplement Industry Gets a Free Pass: Neutering the FDAp. 65
      Fifty-One Thousand New Supplements: Which Ones Work?p. 94
   When the Stars Shine on Alternative Medicine
      Menopause and Aging: Suzanne Somers Weighs Inp. 111
      Autism's Pied Piper: Jenny McCarthy's Crusadep. 128
      Chronic Lyme Disease: The Blumenthal Affairp. 140
   The Hope Business
      Curing Cancer: Steve Jobs, Shark Cartilage, Coffee Enemas, and Morep. 163
      Sick Children, Desperate Parents: Stanislaw Burzynski's Urine Curep. 173
   Charismatic Healers Are Hard to Resist
      Magic Potions in the Twenty-First Century: Rashid Buttar and the Lure of Personalityp. 197
   Why Some Alternative Therapies Really Do Work
      The Remarkably Powerful, Highly Underrated Placebo Responsep. 223
      When Alternative Medicine Becomes Quackeryp. 241
   Epilogue: Albert Schweitzer and the Witch Doctor: A Parablep. 253
   Acknowledgmentsp. 257
   Notesp. 259
   Selected Bibliographyp. 297
   Indexp. 307