Table of Contents
   Foreword: in my World by Scott I anp. ix
   Prologue: Heavy Metal Thunderp. 1
   Kick Out the Jams: Proto Metal, 1964-1970p. 7
   Masters of Reality: Sabbath, Priest, and Beyond, 1970-1979p. 29
   British Steel: New Wave of British Heavy Metal Shapes the Future, 1980-Presentp. 73
   Youth Gone Wild: Metal Goes Mainstream, 1978-1992p. 121
   Caught in a Mosh: Thrash Metal, 1981-1991p. 191
   The Age of Quarrel: Crossover/Hardcore, 1977-1992p. 267
   Far Beyond Driven: Thrash Revisited and Revised, 1987-2004p. 307
   High-Tech Hate: Industrial, 1980-1997p. 365
   All for the Mookie: Mu Metal, 1989-2002p. 407
   Hammer Smashed Face: Death Metal, 1983-1993p. 459
   In the Mightside Eclipse: Black Metal, 1982-Presentp. 505
   When Darkness Falls: Metalcore, 1992-2006p. 557
   New American Gospel: Millennial Mental, 1992-Presentp. 615
   Conclusion: The End Completep. 681
   Afterword: Defender of the Faith by Rob Halfordp. 685
   Cast of Charactersp. 687
   Acknowledgmentsp. 705
   Creditsp. 709