Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   Abraham Lincoln
      First Inaugural Addressp. 105
      Emancipation Proclamationp. 115
      Gettysburg Addressp. 119
      Second Inaugural Addressp. 121
   Karl Marx
      The North American Civil Warp. 127
      The American Question in Englandp. 139
      The Civil War in the United Statesp. 151
      The American Civil Warp. 161
      A Criticism of American Affairsp. 173
      Abolitionist Demonstrations in Americap. 177
      Letter from Marx to Annenkovp. 185
      Letters between Marx and Engelsp. 189
      Letters between Marx and Lincolnp. 211
      Woodbull & Claflinp. 219
         Independence vs. Dependence! Which?p. 219
         The Rights of Childrenp. 222
         Interview with Karl Marxp. 225
   Conclusion to Black and Whitep. 233
   Preface to the American Edition of The Condition of the Working-Class in Englandp. 239
   Speeches at the Founding of the Industrial Workers of the Worldp. 251
   Acknowledgmentsp. 259