Table of Contents
   Introductionp. xv
   Toni Morrison's: The Bluest Eyep. 1
   Robert Coover's: Pricksongs & Descantsp. 4
   Gwendolyn Brooks's: Selected Poemsp. 7
   Joseph Campbell's: The Power of Mythp. 10
   Jean Kerr's: The Snake Has All the Linesp. 12
   The Works of Shakespearep. 15
   J. R. R. Tolkien's: The Lord of the Ringsp. 18
   The Little Engine That Couldp. 20
   J. D. Salinger's: The Catcher in the Ryep. 23
   The Most of P. G. Wodehousep. 26
   John Crowley's: Little, Bigp. 29
   John Hersey's: Hiroshimap. 31
   Joyce Carol Oates's: Expensive People and Morep. 33
   Theodore H. White's: The Making of the President, 1960p. 35
   Ernest Becker's: The Denial of Deathp. 37
   Alexandre Dumas': The Count of Monte Cristop. 39
   Gertrude Stein's: Idap. 44
   Thomas Merton's: The Seven Storey Mountainp. 47
   Mary Higgins Clark's: A Stranger Is Watchingp. 49
   Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's: The Yearling and Vladimir Nabokov's Lolitap. 51
   Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew Mysteriesp. 53
   Caesar's Gallic Warsp. 55
   Harriet Beecher Stowe's: Uncle Tom's Cabinp. 57
   Charles Dickens's: David Copperfieldp. 59
   Ayn Rand's: Atlas Shrugged and Morep. 62
   Sigrid Undset's: Kristin Lavransdatterp. 64
   Virginia Woolf's: A Room of One's Ownp. 66
   Anthony Trollope's: The Way We Live Nowp. 69
   Thomas a Kempis's: The Imitation of Christp. 72
   Arthur Conan Doyle's: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmesp. 75
   Barbara W. Tuchman's: The Guns of Augustp. 78
   Sebastian Junger's: The Perfect Stormp. 80
   Cecil Woodham-Smith's: The Reason Whyp. 82
   J. D. Salinger's: The Catcher in the Ryep. 84
   Dee Brown's: Bury My Heart at Wounded Kneep. 86
   Geoffrey Barraclough's: An Introduction to Contemporary Historyp. 88
   Ernest Hemingway's: Collected Storiesp. 91
   Ernest Becker's: The Denial of Deathp. 93
   Harper Lee's: To Kill a Mockingbirdp. 95
   Ram Dass's: The Only Dance There Is and Morep. 99
   Sigmund Freud's: The Interpretation of Dreamsp. 102
   The Biblep. 104
   Charlotte Bronte's: Jane Eyrep. 107
   Ernest Hemingway's: For Whom the Bell Tollsp. 109
   William Shakespeare's: Henry VIIIp. 112
   F. Scott Fitzgerald's: The Great Gatsbyp. 117
   Betty Smith's: A Tree Grows in Brooklynp. 119
   Ed McBain's 87th Precinct Seriesp. 122
   Herman Wouk's: Marjorie Morningstar and Susan Isaacs's Compromising Positionsp. 124
   William Lewis Nida's: Ab the Cave Manp. 126
   Kay Thompson's: Eloisep. 128
   William Maxwell's: So Long, See You Tomorrowp. 130
   Albert Camus': The Myth of Sisyphusp. 132
   G. K. Chesterton's: The Man Who Was Thursdayp. 137
   Robert Louis Stevenson's: A Child's Garden of Verses and Morep. 140
   Anthony Burgess's: A Clockwork Orangep. 142
   Albert Schweitzer's: Out of My Life and Thought and Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle Seriesp. 144
   Moss Hart's: Act Onep. 147
   Maya Angelou's: I Know Why the Caged Bird Singsp. 149
   Frank McCourt's: Angela's Ashesp. 151
   William Saroyan's: The Human Comedyp. 154
   Christopher Morley's: Kitty Foyle and Guy Endore's Voltaire! Voltaire!p. 157
   Stendhal's: The Red and the Blackp. 159
   John Barth's: The End of the Roadp. 161
   The Sears Cataloguep. 163
   Rainer Maria Rilke's: Letters to a Young Poetp. 165
   C. S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower Seriesp. 168
   Harper Lee's: To Kill a Mockingbirdp. 171
   E. B. White's: Charlotte's Webp. 173
   Steven Millhauser's Edwin Mullhousep. 175
   F. Scott Fitzgerald's: The Great Gatsbyp. 177
   The Books That Changed Their Lives: A Reading List of the Books Selected by the Contributorsp. 179
   Editor's Notep. 185
   Roxanne's Very Opinionated Reading Listp. 187
   Joy's Very Opinionated Reading Listp. 191
   About Read to Growp. 193
   Acknowledgmentsp. 195
   About the Editorsp. 199