Table of Contents
   Operation Geryonp. 1
   Sotheby's, Switzerland, smugglersp. 25
   Connoisseurs and criminals - the passion for Greek Vasesp. 33
   Corridor 17p. 48
   Forensic archaeology in the freeportp. 53
   The paper trail, the Polaroids, and the "Cordata"p. 66
   The Getty - the "Museum of the Tombaroli"p. 80
   The metropolitan in New York and other rogue museumsp. 100
   "Collectors are the real looters"p. 112
   The laundries of London and New Yorkp. 135
   Phone taps and the great rumorp. 146
   The Paris raid on Robert Hechtp. 156
   Raids in Zurich and Geneva, arrest and interrogations in Cyprus and Berlinp. 182
   Interrogations in Los Angeles and Manhattanp. 203
   The puzzle of the "orphans"p. 222
   The "Cordata" continues - in Egypt, Greece, Israel, and Oxfordp. 230
   The fall of Robin Symesp. 248
   The woodcutter's archivep. 265
   The trial of Giacomo Medicip. 269
   Trading with Japan, trials in Romep. 284
   Conclusion : $500 million + 100,000 looted tombs = Chippindale's lawp. 299