Table of Contents
   Introduction: How to Use This Bookp. ix
   Pretestp. 1
   Building a Strong Foundation
      Getting the Essential Informationp. 19
      Finding the Main Ideap. 27
      Defining Vocabulary in Contextp. 33
      The Difference between Fact and Opinionp. 39
      Putting It All Togetherp. 45
      Start from the Beginning: Chronological Orderp. 53
      Order of Importancep. 61
      Similarities and Differences: Compare and Contrastp. 67
      Why Do Things Happen? A Look at Cause and Effectp. 73
      Being Structurally Sound: Putting It All Togetherp. 81
   Language and Style
      A Matter of Perspective: Point of Viewp. 89
      Diction: What's in a Word?p. 95
      Style: It's Not What They Say but How They Say Itp. 101
      How They Say It, Part Two: Tonep. 107
      Word Power: Putting It All Togetherp. 111
   Reading Between the Lines
      Finding the Implied Main Ideap. 119
      Assuming Causes and Predicting Effectsp. 125
      Emotional Versus Logical Appealsp. 131
      Finding Meaning in Literaturep. 137
      Drawing Conclusions: Putting It All Togetherp. 143
   Posttestp. 149
   Preparing for a Standardized Testp. 169
   Additional Resourcesp. 175