Table of Contents
   List of Illustrations
   List of Tables
   Note on Currency
   Background: The Rags and Wretched Cabins of Ireland 1845p. 1
   A Blight of Unusual Character 1845-6p. 31
   We Cannot Feed the People 1846-7p. 71
   The Deplorable Consequences of This Great Calamity 1846-7p. 136
   Expedients Well Nigh Exhausted 1847-8p. 175
   Making Property Support Poverty 1848-9p. 232
   The General Advancement of the Country 1849-52p. 265
   Their Sorrowful Pilgrimage: Emigration 1847-55p. 297
   Conclusion 1845-52p. 342
   Appendicesp. 360
   Referencesp. 372
   Bibliographyp. 419
   Indexp. 433