Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. 1
   Introductionp. 3
      To the Young Actorp. 3
      To Teachers and Coachesp. 5
   The Fundamentals--"Gimme attitude!"p. 9
      Motivation and Self-Respectp. 9
      The Fun of Competitionp. 10
      The Need for Constant Trainingp. 13
      Life After Actingp. 14
   School Days--"Beam me up, Scotty"p. 19
      Back Where You Belongp. 19
      Complacency Is the Kiss of Deathp. 21
      Getting Your Act Togetherp. 22
      Get Involved in Stage Workp. 26
      Learn to Take Criticism (and Never Apologize)p. 28
      The Actor's Journalp. 35
      Review and Reflectionp. 39
   The Auditions Context--"O brave new world!"p. 43
      The High School Auditions Contextp. 43
      What You Can Expect in Community Theatre Auditionsp. 48
      What You Can Expect in College and University Auditionsp. 51
      What You Can Expect in ACTF and URTA Auditionsp. 55
      What You Can Expect in Auditions for Regional Theatrep. 58
      Review and Reflectionp. 67
   Background Skills--"Cut to the chase!"p. 71
      Getting the Self-Image Straightp. 71
      Getting the Voice in Shapep. 80
      Getting the Body in Shapep. 88
      Review and Reflectionp. 96
   Selecting Material--"Words, words, words"p. 99
      Suitability and Appropriatenessp. 99
      Review and Reflectionp. 121
   Preparing the Audition--"No excuses, please!"p. 123
      Work on Your Ownp. 123
      Preparing Your Scriptp. 124
      Paraphrasingp. 125
      Goals, Obstacles, and Actionsp. 138
      Vocal Rehearsalsp. 145
      Movement Rehearsalsp. 149
      Working with a Coachp. 156
      Review and Reflectionp. 159
   Performing the Audition--"Your little nugget"p. 161
      Staying Fresh or Going Stalep. 161
      Arrival and Preparationp. 164
      The Audition Performancep. 167
      The Afterglowp. 171
      Review and Reflectionp. 175
   Cold Readings--"The chips are down"p. 177
      What Is the Cold Reading?p. 177
      Preparing for Cold Readingsp. 180
      Performing Cold Readingsp. 183
      Callbacks and Interviewsp. 196
      The Wrapp. 203
      Review and Reflectionp. 203
   Musical Theatre Auditions--"Get the leg up"p. 207
      The Allure of the Musicalp. 207
      Building a Healty Attitudep. 209
      Problems with Musical Auditionsp. 212
      Selecting the Songp. 219
      Rehearsing the Songp. 223
      Staging Points for Singing Auditionsp. 230
      Review and Reflectionp. 231
   Supporting Materials--"The paper chase"p. 233
      Developing Your Acting Resumep. 233
      Developing Your Photo Materialsp. 239
      Related Supporting Materials: Show Photos, Reviews, Testimonials, Cover Letters, and Post Cardsp. 243
      The Audition Wardrobep. 245
      Review and Reflectionp. 248
   Auditions and the Computer--"Get wired!"p. 251
      Actors and Computersp. 251
      Correspondence and Networkingp. 252
      Industry Newsp. 255
      Background Resourcesp. 257
      Job Informationp. 260
      Computer Savvyp. 262
      Review and Reflectionp. 266
   Scenes and Monologs for Class Workp. 269
   Selected Auditioning Resourcesp. 274
   Supporting Materials for Media Actingp. 283
   Auditioning for Colleges, College Scholarships, and Graduate Schoolsp. 291
   About the Authorp. 295