Table of Contents
   Forewordp. ix
   Learning Yiddishp. 1
      Out of the Dumpsterp. 3
      Bread and Winep. 9
      "Come Back after Yontef!"p. 19
      "What Is Mendele Doing in a Fruit Basket on the Floor?"p. 29
   On the Roadp. 41
      A Ritual of Cultural Transmissionp. 43
      "Don't You Know That Yiddish Is Dead?"p. 47
      A Day in the Lifep. 57
      A Brief History of Yiddish Literaturep. 69
      "People Are Dying Today Who Never Died Before"p. 79
      "Pretty Soon We'll Have a Whole Forest in Israel and No More Members Here"p. 86
      "Love and Peace"p. 93
      "Ostroff! Sea Gate!"p. 102
      The Great Newark Book Heistp. 118
   "Him I Don't Talk To!"p. 123
      "You're a Liar!"p. 125
      "They're Tearing Apart the Library"p. 140
      A Ghost in the Atticp. 150
      "If Not Higher"p. 159
      "Hitler's Fault"p. 170
   Ganvenen dem Grenets--Crossing the Borderp. 181
      Squandered at the Concordp. 183
      Kaddishp. 194
      A Job for the Youngp. 210
      The Four Corners of the Earthp. 219
      Back in the U.S.S.R.p. 241
   Bringing It All Back Homep. 259
      Der Oylem Redt--The World Takes Noticep. 261
      A Home of Our Ownp. 277
      Immortalityp. 289
      The Valise at the Bottom of the Seap. 301
   Notesp. 313
   Acknowledgmentsp. 317