Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. xi
   Introductionp. xiii
   Keeping Safety in Mindp. 1
   The Potato Cannonp. 7
   Back Porch Rocketryp. 23
      The Paper Match Rocket
      The Hydro Pump Rocket
      The Pneumatic Missile
   The Cincinnati Fire Kitep. 49
   Greek Fire and the Catapultp. 61
   The Tennis Ball Mortarp. 77
   The Flingerp. 89
   Pnewton's Petardp. 103
   The Dry Cleaner Bag Balloonp. 121
   The Carbide Cannonp. 131
   The Ballistic Pendulump. 147
   Ideas for Further Studyp. 157
   Indexp. 165