Table of Contents
   Prologue : the clash of monotheisms
   The sanctuary in the desert : pre-Islamic Arabiap. 3
   The keeper of the keys : Muhammad in Meccap. 23
   The city of the prophet : the first Muslimsp. 50
   Fight in the way of God : the meaning of Jihadp. 75
   The rightly guided ones : the successors to Muhammadp. 107
   This religion is a science : the development of Islamic theology and lawp. 140
   In the footsteps of martyrs : from Shi'Ism to Khomeinismp. 171
   Stain your prayer rug with wine : the sufi wayp. 194
   An awakening in the east : the response to colonialismp. 220
   Slouching toward Medina : the Islamic reformationp. 249