Table of Contents
   Timeline of events relevant to GLBTQ youth
   Give us facesp. 1
   The 1970s : what Donovan wroughtp. 17
   The 1980s : Annie on my mind and beyondp. 40
   The 1990s : was more less?p. 82
   A new literature for a new century?p. 128
   What a wonderful world? : some final thoughtsp. 165
   Model for GLBTQ portrayals/inclusion in YA fictionp. 169
   Bibliography of secondary sourcesp. 173
   Young adult novels with GLBTQ content, 1969-2004, author/title bibliography with GLBTQ portrayal, inclusion and narrative rolep. 177
   Young adult fiction with GLBTQ content, 1969-2004 : a chronological bibliographyp. 185