Table of Contents
   Conjuring Up the Landscape
      The Awkward Young Girl Approaching Youp. 1
      Doppelgangerp. 3
      The Therapeutist: After Magrittep. 4
      The Immigrant's Dreamp. 5
      My Namep. 6
      Young Boy in a Tenement House, Holding the Moonp. 7
      Portrait of My Father, Learning to Countp. 8
      The Immigrant Children at Union Schoolp. 10
      The Old Neighborhoodp. 11
      The Silent Onep. 13
      Ritualp. 14
      The Tree That Almost Diedp. 16
      The Countries That Claim Mep. 18
      Sitting in America at the End of the Centuryp. 19
   The Rivers of Past and Present
      The Two Rivers in My Storyp. 21
      The Woman with the Two Rivers Growing from Her Hairp. 22
      Mengele's Butterfliesp. 24
      Layover in Frankfurtp. 25
      Homecomingp. 27
   Dark Amber of Regret
      Mazovian Willowsp. 29
      In My Grandmother's Housep. 31
      The Rain Leaving Its Breath on the Grassp. 33
      Mother Embracing Her Daughter in a Garden of Sunflowersp. 34
      The Rain in Bielskop. 35
      Letter from the Last Place on Earthp. 36
      Huge Oak Filling the Skyp. 37
      After the War: Purple Flowers Spilling from the Windowsp. 38
      Songs of Sorrowp. 39
      Chapel with Skullsp. 40
      Moje Rozwiane Wlosyp. 41
      Our Last Day in Krakowp. 42
      Amber Necklace from Gdanskp. 43
   To Smile at the Closed Mouth of Loss
      Colors from the City of Whitep. 44
      On Winning the Nobel Prizep. 46
      The Silenced Woman of Krakowp. 47
      Twelve Amulets from Medieval Warsawp. 48
      Gospel Eggsp. 50
      Disposable Iconp. 51
      Fashion Statement in Front of the Palace of Culture and Sciencep. 52
      Wedding Gown Bazaarp. 53
      The Visitors from Warsawp. 54
      Dancing with My Sisterp. 56