Table of Contents
   Gay and lesbian historyp. 7
   Homosexuality in Greece and Romep. 29
   The Middle Agesp. 57
   Early modern Europe, 1400-1700p. 79
   Male homosexuality in the age of enlightenment and revolution, 1680-1850p. 103
   Lesbians and their like in early modern Europe, 1500-1800p. 125
   The Americas : from colonial times to the 20th centuryp. 145
   The homosexual age, 1870-1940p. 167
   Public spheres and gay politics since the Second World Warp. 197
   Loving women in the modern worldp. 223
   Discovering homosexuality : cross-cultural comparison and the history of sexualityp. 249
   Homosexuality in the Middle East and North Africap. 271
   Desire and same-sex intimacies in Asiap. 303
   The gay world : 1980 to the presentp. 333