Table of Contents
   Introducing the Big, Wide Ocean!p. 4
      Try This: Find out how much of the Earth's surface is covered with waterp. 7
   What Makes a Fish a Fish?p. 8
      Try This: See the gases in water that fish need to breathep. 11
   Sea Jellies: Animals Formerly Known as Jellyfishp. 12
      Try This: Defend yourself like a squidp. 15
   It's a Jungle Down There!p. 16
      Try This: Test how far away you could smell if you were a sharkp. 17
   Sea Plantsp. 18
      Try This: Eat a meal like a whalep. 21
   Reef Sweet Reefp. 22
      Try This: Simulate how sunlight affects coral reefsp. 23
   The Ocean Holds the Salt!p. 24
      Try This: Find out how salt gets into the oceanp. 27
   Amazing Ocean Currentsp. 28
      Try This: Make your own thermohaline currentp. 31
   Tides Come from Outer Spacep. 32
      Try This: Recreate low tide and high tidep. 35
   Mysteries of the Deepp. 36
      Try This: See how the Sun affects the oceanp. 39
   How the Earth Rocks and Rollsp. 40
      Try This: Make a tsunami in your bathtubp. 41
   The Ocean and Youp. 42
      Try This: See how divers avoid getting "the bends"p. 45
   People Affect the Oceanp. 46
   You Can Make a Difference!p. 48