Table of Contents
   Introducing Dinosaurs, Now & Thenp. 4
      Try This: Test how much weight a dinosaur's body could carryp. 7
   How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Looked Like?p. 8
      Try This: Create your own camouflagep. 11
   Forming a Fossilp. 12
      Try This: Make a fossilp. 13
   Digging Up Bonesp. 14
      Try This: Remove a fossil from a rockp. 15
   Making Tracksp. 16
      Try This: Leave your own dinosaur trackwaysp. 19
   Short, Tall, Fast, & Slow--They Were Everywhere, You Know!p. 20
      Try This: Test yourself to see if you are cold-blooded or warm-bloodedp. 23
   What's for Dinner?p. 24
      Try This: Eat like a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivorep. 27
   Time, Time, & More Timep. 28
      Try This: See how long 65 million years really isp. 31
   Where Did All the Ancient Dinosaurs Go?p. 32
      Try This: Re-create a meteorite explosionp. 35
   Pangaea, One Big Worldp. 36
      Try This: Make the continents drift in your kitchenp. 39
   Were Dinosaurs Like Us, or Not?p. 40
      Try This: Talk like a dinosaurp. 43
   From Ancient Dinosaur to Birdp. 44
      Try This: Create your own DNA strandp. 47
   Ancient Dinosaur Indexp. 48