Table of Contents
   Getting Your Act Together
      You Gotta Have Groundwork
      Planning for Genealogical Success
      What's in a Name?
      Locating Your Ancestors (Geographically Speaking)
   Finding the Elusive Records
      Ethnic Research
      Government Records
      Records Off the Beaten Path
   Keeping Your Ancestors in Line: Organizing and Presenting Your Findings
      Fine-Tuning Your Organizational and Preservation Skills
      Using Your Computer to Store and Organize Information. The Genealogy Online For Dummies Internet Directory
   Share and Share Alike
      Coordinating Your Attack: Getting Help from Other Researchers
      Sharing Your Wealth Online
      From Your Computer to the World
   The Part of Tens
      Ten Handy Databases
      Ten Things to Remember When You Design Your Genealogical Web Site
      Ten Sites for Genealogy Beginners
      Ten Tips for Genealogical Smooth Sailing
   Going Online
   What Does This Mean? (A Glossary of Terms)
   About the CD
   IDG Books Worldwide End-User License Agreement
   Installation Instructions
   Book Registration Information