Table of Contents
   Terms Introduction
   Does Homeschooling Really Work, or What Do We Tell the Grandparents?
   Legal Stuff, or Can We Really Do This?
   Structure, or Can We Wear Our Pajamas to School?
   Assisted Homeschooling, or Do We Really Need Any Help?
   Money and Other Practical Matters
   The Primary Years: Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic
   The Middle Years: Exploring the World
   The Teen Years: Finding a Direction
   Evaluation and Record Keeping, or How Do We Know They're Learning?
   Finding Learning Resources
   The Homeschooling Community
   Coping with the Rough Spots
   Special Circumstances
   Beyond Homeschooling
   Homeschooling Resources
   Homeschooling Organizations
   Selected Learning Resources
   Colleges That Have Accepted Homeschoolers Works Cited