Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 7
   The Olympiansp. 9
   Chains of Love: Vulcan tames his wife, Venusp. 13
   Dreams of Destiny: Aeneas sets out to found an empirep. 18
   To Hell and Back: Aeneas in the underworldp. 24
   Romulus and Remus: Twin boys who founded Romep. 32
   Stolen Wives: The theft of the Sabine womenp. 39
   A Wild-Goose Chase: The story of Philemon and Baucisp. 44
   Liber-Ality: How Rome received its most prized blessingp. 50
   Kissed by the Moon: The story of Diana and Endymionp. 54
   The Man Who Cut down Trees: Erisychthon pays a terrible pricep. 58
   Telltale Tit: The love story of Mercury and Larap. 64
   Burning the Books: The Sibyl and her propheciesp. 69
   Little Old Boy: Tages shares his great knowledgep. 75
   A Shot in the Dark: Orion, Diana and Apollo's spitep. 79
   The Guardian Geese: The night the Gauls attackedp. 86
   The Gods and Goddesses of Romep. 93
   Notes about the Storiesp. 94