Table of Contents
   Introductionp. ix
   The Story of Euclid
      The First Revolutionp. 3
      The Geometry of Taxationp. 4
      Among the Seven Sagesp. 11
      The Secret Societyp. 17
      Euclid's Manifestop. 29
      A Beautiful Woman, a Library, and the End of Civilizationp. 39
   The Story of Descartes
      The Revolution in Placep. 53
      The Origin of Latitude and Longitudep. 55
      The Legacy of the Rotten Romansp. 60
      The Discreet Charm of the Graphp. 70
      A Soldier's Storyp. 79
      Iced by the Snow Queenp. 90
   The Story of Gauss
      The Curved Space Revolutionp. 95
      The Trouble with Ptolemyp. 98
      A Napoleonic Herop. 107
      The Fall of the Fifth Postulatep. 115
      Lost in Hyperbolic Spacep. 121
      Some Insects Called the Human Racep. 127
      A Tale of Two Aliensp. 136
      After 2,000 Years, a Face-liftp. 143
   The Story of Einstein
      Revolution at the Speed of Lightp. 153
      Relativity's Other Albertp. 157
      The Stuff of Spacep. 163
      Probationary Technical Expert, Third Classp. 176
      A Relatively Euclidean Approachp. 182
      Einstein's Applep. 193
      From Inspiration to Perspirationp. 205
      Blue Hair Triumphsp. 210
   The Story of Witten
      The Weird Revolutionp. 217
      Ten Things I Hate About Your Theoryp. 219
      The Necessary Uncertainty of Beingp. 223
      Clash of the Titansp. 228
      A Message in a Kaluza-Klein Bottlep. 231
      The Birth of Stringsp. 235
      Particles, Schmarticles!p. 239
      The Trouble with Stringsp. 249
      The Theory Formerly Known as Stringsp. 255
   Epiloguep. 263
   Notesp. 267
   Acknowledgmentsp. 293
   Indexp. 295