Table of Contents
      Introduction: Human Nature and the Heroicp. 1
   The Depth Psychology of Heroismp. 9
      The Terror of Deathp. 11
      The Recasting of Some Basic Psychoanalytic Ideasp. 25
      Human Character as a Vital Liep. 47
      The Psychoanalyst Kierkegaardp. 67
      The Problem of Freud's Character, Noch Einmalp. 93
   The Failures of Heroismp. 125
      The Spell Cast by Persons - The Nexus of Unfreedomp. 127
      Otto Rank and the Closure of Psychoanalysis on Kierkegaardp. 159
      The Present Outcome of Psychoanalysisp. 176
      A General View of Mental Illnessp. 208
   Retrospect and Conclusion: The Dilemmas of Heroismp. 253
      Psychology and Religion: What Is the Heroic Individual?p. 255
   Referencesp. 286
   Indexp. 305