Table of Contents
   Myth and reality: a biographical introduction
   The Growth of a Style
      Piano music and the public concert, 1800-1850 Janet Ritterman
      The nocturne: development of a new style David Rowland
      The twenty-seven etudes and their antecedents Simon Finlow
      Tonal architecture in the early music John Rink
   Profiles of the Music
      Extended forms: the ballades, scherzos and fantasies Jim Samson
      Small 'forms': in defence of the prelude Jeffrey Kallberg
      Beyond the dance Adrian Thomas
      The sonatas Anatole Leikin
      Chopin in performance James Methuen-Campbell
      Chopin reception in nineteenth-century Poland Zofia Chechlinska
      Victorian attitudes to Chopin Derek Carew
      Chopin's influence on the fin de siecle and beyond Roy Howat
   Appendix: a historical survey of Chopin on disc James Methuen-Campbell
   List of Chopin's works
   Bibliographical note