Table of Contents
   Prefacep. ix
   Introduction the Meaning of Freedomp. 1
   the Stillbirth of Freedom in the Non-Western Worldp. 7
      Primitive Beginningsp. 9
      for the Creation of Eyes: Why Freedom Failed in the Non-Western Worldp. 20
   the Greek Construction of Freedomp. 45
      the Greek Origins of Freedomp. 47
      the Emergence of Slave Society and Civic Freedomp. 64
      the Persian Wars and the Creation of Organic (sovereignal) Freedomp. 82
       p. 95
      a Woman's Song: the Female Force and the Ideology of Freedom in Greek Tragedy and Societyp. 106
      Fission and Diffusion: Class and the Elements of Freedom in the Late Fifth Century and Beyondp. 133
       p. 146
      the Turn to Inner Freedomp. 165
      the Intellectual Response in the Hellenistic and Early Roman Worldp. 181
   Rome and the Universalization of Freedomp. 201
      Freedom and Class Conflict in Republican Romep. 203
      the Triumph of the Roman Freedman: Personal Liberty Among the Urban Masses of the Early Empirep. 227
      the Augustan Compromise: Sovereignal Freedom in Defense of Personal Libertyp. 258
      Freedom, Stoicism, and the Roman Mindp. 264
   Christianity and the Institutionalization of Freedomp. 291
      Jesus and the Jesus Movementp. 293
      Between Jesus and Paulp. 304
      Paul and His World: a Community of Urban Freedmenp. 316
      Paul and the Freedom of Mankindp. 325
   the Medieval Reconstruction of Freedomp. 345
      Freedom and Servitude in the Middle Agesp. 347
      Medieval Renditions of the Chord of Freedomp. 363
      Freedom in the Religious and Secular Thought of the Middle Agesp. 376
   Codap. 402
   Notesp. 407
   Indexp. 471