Table of Contents
   Prefacep. vii
   How Achilles and Agamemnon quarrelled over Briseis, and how Thetis persuaded Zeus to support her sonp. 11
   How a Dream came with a message from Zeus, and how the Achaians debated in their camp. The names and numbers of the two hostsp. 23
   How Menelaos and Alexandros fought a duel together, and what came of itp. 39
   The first battle between Trojans and Achaiansp. 48
   How Diomedes did great deeds of valour, and wounded Aphrodite and Ares himselfp. 58
   How Paris was brought back into the battle, and how Hector parted from Andromachep. 74
   How Aias and Hector fought in single combat, and how the Trojans sent a herald to propose peacep. 84
   The battle wavers to and frop. 92
   How Agamemnon repented of his violence and sent envoys to Achillesp. 102
   How Diomedes and Odysseus went on a night raid and how they faredp. 115
   How the battle turned, and the captains were wounded, and Achilles began to take noticep. 126
   How the two armies fought before the wall, and how Hector broke down the gatep. 141
   The battle among the shipsp. 149
   How Hera deluded Zeus and sent him to sleep; and how in consequence the tide of battle turnedp. 164
   How Zeus awoke, and what he said to Hera; how Hera took his message to the divine family and what they all said to it; and how the two armies fought among the shipsp. 174
   How Patroclos took the field in the armour of Achilles, his great feats of war, and his deathp. 187
   How they fought over the body of Patroclosp. 202
   How Achilles received the news, and how his mother got him new armour from Hephaistosp. 216
   How Achilles made friends with Agamemnon and armed himself for warp. 228
   How Achilles swept the battlefield, and how the gods helped on either sidep. 236
   The battle by the riverp. 245
   Of the last fight and the death of Hectorp. 255
   The funeral rites of Patroclos, and how the games were held in his honourp. 265
   How Priam and Achilles met, and the funeral of Hectorp. 282
   Pronouncing Indexp. 301