Table of Contents
   Call Me Mariap. 1
   Like the First Flowerp. 3
   Letter to Mamip. 4
   Scenes from My Island Past
      The Beginning of Maria Alegre/Maria Tristep. 6
      A Memory of Maria Alegrep. 10
      Floweringp. 13
   Where I Am Now: The Tides, the Treasure, and the Trashp. 15
   Here Comes Barriomanp. 17
   Spanglish for You and Maybe for Mep. 18
   Spanish Class, a Lesson in El Amorp. 19
   Letter to Mamip. 21
   Letter to Mariap. 23
   The Papi-lindo, Fifth Floorp. 25
   More Than You Know Sabes?p. 28
   The King of the Barriop. 29
   El Super-Hombrep. 31
   Letter to Mariap. 33
   What My Father Likes to Eatp. 34
   Picture of Whoopeep. 38
   Dona Segura, Costurera, Third Floorp. 42
   Bombay, San Juan, and Katmandup. 43
   Golden English: Lessons One and Two and Two-and-a-Halfp. 46
   An American Dreamp. 49
   The Power of the Papi-lindop. 52
   Exciting English: I Am a Poet! She Exclaimedp. 60
   Letter to Mami, Not Sentp. 61
   American Beautyp. 63
   Crime in the Barriop. 66
   Love in Americap. 70
   Life Sciences: The Poem As Seen Under the Microscopep. 75
   English Declaration: I Am the Subject of a Sentencep. 79
   After School, I Hear Whoopeep. 81
   "Silent Night" in Spanish and Two Glamour Shots of My Island Grandmotherp. 83
   Math Class: Sharing the Piep. 85
   Abuela's Winter Visitp. 91
   La Abuela's Island Lament: A One-Act Playp. 92
   Who Are You Today, Maria?p. 95
   Translating Abuela: I Know Who I Amp. 99
   Translating Abuela's Journal: The Ice Agep. 100
   Translating Abuela's Journal: After I Take Her to the Museum and the Theaterp. 101
   Translating Abuela's Journal: The Final Entryp. 103
   English: I Am the Simple Subjectp. 104
   My Papi-Azul and Me, the Brown Iguanap. 106
   Rent Partyp. 107
   There Go the Barrio Womenp. 108
   My Mother, The Rain. El Finp. 109
   My Father Changing Colorsp. 120
   Papi-Azul Sings "Asi son las mujeres"p. 121
   Seeing Red: Asi son los hombresp. 123
   Confessions of a Non-Native Speakerp. 125