Table of Contents
   Foreword: A Quick Drag
   Adoring the Devil's Breathp. 3
   The Earth with a Fence Around Itp. 30
   It Takes the Hair Right Off Your Beanp. 54
   The Golden Age of Malarkeyp. 80
   "Shall We Just Have a Cigarette on It?"p. 112
   The Filter Tip and Other Placebosp. 141
   The Anguish of the Russian Countp. 183
   Grand Inquisitorsp. 221
   Marlboro Miragep. 263
   Three-Ton Dog oil the Prowlp. 298
   Stroking the Sow's Earp. 349
   Let There Be Lightp. 387
   Breeding a One-Fanged Rattlerp. 412
   The Heights of Arrogancep. 447
   The Calling of Philip Morrisp. 490
   Of Dragonslayers and Pond Scump. 536
   Chow Linesp. 580
   Melancholy Rosep. 639
   Smooth Charactersp. 678
   Blowing Smokep. 723
   A Note on Sources and Acknowledgmentsp. 764
   Selected Bibliographyp. 768
   Notesp. 773
   Indexp. 791