Table of Contents
   Shortcuts: Amy--1988p. 1
   Stories from America: Rose--1919p. 9
   Cravings: Helen--1940p. 18
   Blue Beads: Ginger--1969p. 33
   Wedding Day: Rose, Helen, Amy and Ginger--1967p. 52
   No Last Names: Ginger--1973p. 75
   All I Know to Tell You: Ginger--1974p. 103
   Wigilia: The Vigil: Helen--1958p. 120
   The Wanting-To-Be-An-Artist Summer: Amy--1975p. 133
   Those Places I've Been: Helen--1967p. 151
   Things Women Know: Rose--1925-35
   I Want You to Have This Now: Helen and Amy--1979p. 183
   Farang: Amy--1987p. 201
   Best Friends: Ginger--1987p. 222
   Braiding Bread: Amy--1989p. 237
   Pears on a Willow Tree: Amy--Presentp. 268