Table of Contents
   Map of Dick Whittington's Journeysp. iv
   Whittington Meets the Ladyp. 1
   The Animals in the Barnp. 7
   Bernie and How He Got the Horsesp. 10
   Abby and Ben Meet the Horsesp. 15
   The Lady Tells the Barn About Whittingtonp. 17
   The Animals Tell Whittington About Themselvesp. 20
   Havey and the Cat's Surprisep. 26
   The Last Day for Bathsp. 31
   The Lady Asks Whittington to Tell His Storyp. 34
   The Man Whittington Named Himself Afterp. 38
   Dick's Dreamp. 43
   Dick Goes to Londonp. 49
   Dick Arrives in Londonp. 56
   Dick Is Given a Homep. 61
   The Boy Goes to Work for Fitzwarrenp. 68
   Ben's First Reading Lesson in the Barnp. 71
   Blackie Arrivesp. 74
   Dick Meets His Catp. 76
   Out with the Owlsp. 84
   Spooker Is Sickp. 88
   Ben's Readingp. 92
   To Africa on the Unicornp. 95
   The Registered Letterp. 103
   Ben's School Principal Visits the Texacop. 106
   Reading Recoveryp. 109
   Dick Sees a Beautiful Girl in Blackp. 111
   Two Newcomers Join the Barnp. 119
   Dick's Cat Returnsp. 122
   A Hawk Attacks the Ladyp. 127
   Ben Goes to Reading Recovery and Meets Miss O'Brianp. 130
   The Cat's Operationp. 133
   Dick Meets Will Price Againp. 137
   Willy the Goat's Surprisep. 141
   Dick Sees the Girl in Black Againp. 144
   Marker Raids the Barnp. 150
   Dick Decides on the Dangerous Voyagep. 152
   Ben's Decisionp. 156
   A Token for Maryp. 158
   Gent Arrivesp. 163
   A Rescuep. 168
   Dick's Cat Is Lost at Seap. 170
   Maryp. 177
   Ben's Triumphp. 180
   Life in the Barn Continuesp. 182