Table of Contents
   Note to the Readerp. ix
   The Nature of Reading and Dyslexia
      The Power of Knowingp. 3
      The Historical Roots of Dyslexiap. 13
      The Big Picture: Who Is Affected and What Happens over Timep. 25
      Why Some Smart People Can't Readp. 36
      Everyone Speaks, but Not Everyone Readsp. 45
      Reading the Brainp. 59
      The Working Brain Readsp. 71
   Diagnosing Dyslexia
      Early Clues to Dyslexiap. 93
      Later Clues to Dyslexiap. 102
      Should My Child Be Evaluated for Dyslexia?p. 120
      Diagnosing Dyslexia in the School-Age Childp. 131
      Identifying the At-Risk Childp. 142
      Diagnosing Bright Young Adultsp. 150
   Helping Your Child Become a Reader
      All Children Can Be Taught to Readp. 169
      Helping Your Child Break the Reading Codep. 176
      Helping Your Child Become a Readerp. 198
      Helping Your Child Become a Skilled Readerp. 230
   Overcoming Dyslexia: Turning Struggling Readers into Proficient Readers
      Sam's Program: A Model That Worksp. 251
      Teaching the Dyslexic Child to Readp. 261
      Helping Adults Become Better Readersp. 288
      Choosing a Schoolp. 294
      Protecting and Nourishing Your Child's Soulp. 309
      Accommodations: Building a Bridge to Successp. 314
   Epilogue: A Person Like That ...p. 345
   Notesp. 367
   Acknowledgmentsp. 395
   Indexp. 399