Table of Contents
   Author's Note fromDeath of a Naturalist(1966)
   Digging Death of a Naturalist
   The Barn Blackberry-Picking Churning Day Follower Mid-Term Break
   The Diviner Poem Personal Helicon Antaeus(1966) from
   Door into the Dark(1969)
   The Outlaw
   The Forge Thatcher
   The Peninsula Requiem for the Croppies Undine
   The Wife's Tale Night Drive Relic of Memory
   A Lough Neagh Sequence
   The Given Note Whinlands
   The Plantation Bann Clay Bogland
   fromWintering Out(1972)
   Fodder Bog Oak Anahorish Servant Boy Land Gifts of Rain Toome Broagh Oracle
   The Backward Look A New Song
   The Other Side Tinder(fromA Northern Hoard)
   The Tollund Man
   fs26Nerthus Wedding Day
   Mother of the Groom Summer Home Serenades Shore Woman Limbo Bye-Child Good-night Fireside Westering
   Nesting-Gound July England's Difficulty Visitant Trial Runs
   The Wanderer Cloistered
   The Stations of the West Incertus fromNorth(1975)
   Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication
   The Seed Cutters Funeral Rites North Viking Dublin: Trial Pieces Bone Dreams Bog Queen
   The Grauballe Man Punishment Strange Fruit Kinship Act of Union Hercules and Antaeus fromWhatever You Say Say Nothing Singing School
   The Ministry of Fear
   A Constable Calls
   Orange Drums, Tyrone, 1966
   Summer 1969
   Exposure fromField Work(1979)
   Oysters Triptych After a Killing Sibyl At the Water's Edge 0
   The Toome Road A Drink of Water
   The Strand at Lough Beg Casualty Badgers
   The Singer's House The Guttural Muse Glanmore Sonnets An Afterwards The Otter
   The Skunk A Dream of Jealousy Field Work Song Leavings
   The Harvest Bow In Memoriam Francis Ledwidge Ugolino
   fromSweeney Astray(1983)
   Sweeney in Flight
   The Names of the Hare(1981) fromStation Island(1984)
   The Underground Sloe Gin Chekhov on Sakhalin Sandstone Keepsake from
   Shelf Life Granite Chip Old Smoothing Iron Stone from Delphi Making Strange
   The Birthplace Changes A Bat on the Road A Hazel Stick for Catherine Ann A Kite for Michael and Christopher
   The Railway Children Widgeon Sheelagh na Gig 'Aye'(fromThe Loaning)
   The King of the Ditchbacks Station Island fromSweeney Redivivus
   The First Gloss Sweeney Redivivus In the Beech
   The First Kingdom
   The First Flight Drifting Off The Cleric
   The Hermit The Master The Scribes Holly An Artist
   The Old Icons In Illo Tempore On the Road
   Villanelle for an Anniversary(1986) fromThe Haw Lantern(1987)