Table of Contents
   Basin and Range
      Transcontinental Time Line: the Present
      Transcontinental Time Line: Late Triassic
      Why Would an English Major Write about Rocks?
      Set Piece on Geologic Time
      Transcontinental Time Lines: Mississippian/Pennsylvanian
      Set Piece on Plate Tectonics
      Ken Deffeyes Predicts Nevada Seaway
   In Suspect Terrain
      The Biography of Anita Harris
      The Geology of New York City
      The Delaware Water Gap as a Fragment of the Appalachians
      The Appalachians and Plate Tectonics
      The Theory of Continental Glaciation
      Origins of Coal
      Petroleum in Pennsylvania
      Transcontinental Time Lines: Cambrian/Ordovician
      Transcontinental Time Lines: Early and Late Silurian
      Cautionary Arguments about Plate-Tectonic Theory
   Rising from the Plains
      Rawlins and the Spread of Time
      The Laramide Orogeny
      The Burial and Exhumation of the Rocky Mountains
      Love Ranch and Family History
      The Geologic History of Jackson Hole and the Tetons
      Field Geology v. Black Box Geology
      Set Piece on Geophysical Hot Spots
      Transcontinental Time Line: Eocene
      Wyoming Environmental Montage
   Assembling California
      The Gold Rush of the Nineteenth Century
      Ophiolites: Transported Ocean Crust
      The Smartville Block
      Crown King, Arizona
      The Great Central Valley
      The Coast Ranges
      World Ophiolites and Global Tectonics
      The Geology of San Francisco
      The San Andreas Family of Faults
      1992 Earthquakes, New Fault at Landers and Joshua Tree
      1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
   Crossing the Craton
      The Midcontinent Rift
      The Oldest Rock
      The Earliest Beginnings of the World
      The Archean Cratons
      Oxygen and the Precipitation of Banded Iron
      The Beginning of Modern Plate Tectonics
      The Coalescence of the Canadian Shield
      The Arcs of Nebraska and Colorado
      Radiometric Dating, Magnetic and Gravity Anomalies, and Well Cores
      The Andean Margin of Kansas
      The Perforation of North America
      Transcontinental Time Line: Middle Proterozoic
      Pikes Peak
   List of Mapsp. 663
   Indexp. 665