Table of Contents
   Strong Men (Opening Stanzas)p. 3
   I Am a Black Manp. 7
   IKOP MBOG: An Account of an African Child's Initiationp. 9
   On Viewing the Coast of Africap. 11
   Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglassp. 12
   Up from Slaveryp. 20
   Let the Dead Bury Their Deadp. 27
   The Souls of Black Folkp. 36
   Message of Marcus Garvey to Membership of Universal Negro Improvement Association from Atlanta Prisonp. 41
   Juneteenthp. 44
   Poem for My Fatherp. 57
   Black Boyp. 59
   Fatherp. 66
   Notes of a Native Sonp. 72
   Nightmarep. 77
   Colored Peoplep. 85
   Tragic Magicp. 91
   Ten Secondsp. 96
   A Talk with My Fatherp. 100
   A Private Warp. 110
   Father's Pledgep. 118
   Beetlecreekp. 120
   Manchild in the Promised Landp. 122
   Dancers on the Shorep. 126
   Strike and Fadep. 132
   The Screamersp. 135
   Way Past Coolp. 140
   Two Foolsp. 148
   Ghetto Bastardp. 151
   Brer Rabbit Escapes Againp. 154
   Reflecting Blackp. 158
   The Ghetto Solutionp. 168
   Black Womenp. 181
   Middle Passagep. 182
   The Wife of His Youthp. 194
   Another Good Loving Bluesp. 203
   Elbow Roomp. 209
   Home Repairsp. 214
   The Lonely Crusadep. 219
   Sex and Racism in Americap. 223
   No Other Tale to Tellp. 228
   White Butterflyp. 231
   All-Night Visitorsp. 235
   First Poem for Linnetp. 241
   A New Manp. 244
   My Sparrowp. 251
   Losing Absalomp. 256
   What Is Life?p. 264
   A Father's Lamentp. 269
   Makes Me Wanna Hollerp. 272
   On the A-Train to Venus with Isisp. 278
   The Walls of Jerichop. 286
   Brothersp. 290
   Lush Lifep. 297
   Pledging Alphap. 302
   Invisible Lifep. 306
   Vanishing Roomsp. 312
   In an Afternoon Lightp. 315
   African-American Males and Survival Against AIDSp. 318
   A Lesson Before Dyingp. 321
   If We Must Diep. 329
   The Lynching of Jube Bensonp. 330
   Blood-Burning Moonp. 336
   Billyp. 342
   Shannonp. 348
   The Future of Black Menp. 351
   Parallel Timep. 358
   Race and Gender Stereotyping in the Thomas Confirmation Hearingsp. 365
   Days of Gracep. 369
   Faces at the Bottom of the Wellp. 373
   When Harlem Was in Voguep. 377
   And Then We Heard the Thunderp. 379
   The Port Chicago Mutinyp. 385
   Beyond Vietnamp. 392
   Bloodsp. 395
   Black Consciousness in the Vietnam Yearsp. 399
   Raceboss: Big Emma's Boyp. 404
   Iron Cityp. 410
   Black Prisoners, White Lawp. 414
   Brothers and Keepersp. 418
   Makes Me Wanna Hollerp. 426
   Scarsp. 433
   Father Behind Barsp. 438
   Still Black, Still Strong: Survivors of the U.S. War Against Black Revolutionariesp. 441
   A Man Called Whitep. 448
   Who's Passing for Who?p. 455
   The Almost White Boyp. 459
   Man in the Mirrorp. 467
   Blacks Who Passp. 471
   Black Worker in the Deep Southp. 477
   Blood on the Forgep. 481
   The Spook Who Sat By the Doorp. 484
   Company Manp. 489
   The Content of Our Characterp. 496
   The Rage of a Privileged Classp. 500
   Reflections of an Affirmative Action Babyp. 506
   Yet Do I Marvelp. 513
   Infants of the Springp. 514
   Falling Pieces of the Broken Skyp. 516
   Writin' Is Fightin'p. 520
   The Life and Loves of Mr. Jiveass Niggerp. 524
   On the Real Sidep. 527
   Here I Standp. 534
   This Lifep. 537
   By Any Means Necessary: The Trials and Tribulations of the Making of Malcolm Xp. 548
   I Never Had It Madep. 561
   Playboy Interview (October 1964)p. 570
   The Struggle That Must Bep. 579
   Out of Boundsp. 593
   Just Let Me Play: The Story of Charlie Sifford - The First Black PGA Golferp. 597
   Giant Stepsp. 603
   My Lifep. 611
   Rules for Staying Youngp. 619
   Music Is My Mistressp. 621
   Treat It Gentlep. 624
   The Death of Rhythm and Bluesp. 630
   Dance of the Infidelsp. 636
   Miles: The Autobiography of Miles Davisp. 647
   Djbot Baghostus's Runp. 658
   Silence, Exile, and Cunning: Miles Davis in Memoriamp. 663
   Playboy Interview (July 1990)p. 667
   The Ice Opinionp. 677
   A Different Imagep. 685
   The African Contribution to Technology and Sciencep. 685
   The Africans in the New World: Their Contribution to Science, Invention, and Technologyp. 691
   From "Superman" to Manp. 697
   A Life of Learningp. 705
   There Are Days When I Wish It Hadn't Happened (March 1979)p. 717
   The Challenge of a Black Scholarp. 722
   Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.p. 730
   Where Do We Go from Here?p. 736
   Speech to African Summit Conference - Cairo, Egyptp. 744
   The Making of Black Revolutionariesp. 748
   Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newtonp. 755
   The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in Americap. 762
   The Man Who Cried I Amp. 768
   Black Ragep. 777
   Cool Pose: The Proud Signature of Black Survivalp. 785
   Keep Hope Alivep. 789
   Toward Black American Empowermentp. 799
   A Torchlight for Americap. 809
   Operation Island Storm?p. 815
   The State of Black America (September 1994)p. 818
   The Men of Black Enterprisep. 826
   Succeeding Against the Oddsp. 828
   Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choicep. 832
   Success Runs in Our Racep. 837
   I Get On the Busp. 843
   The African American Holiday of Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community, and Culturep. 846
   Afrocentricityp. 852
   Kwanzaa: An African-American Celebration of Culture and Cookingp. 859
   The Journey of Martin Luther King, Jr.p. 865
   Race Mattersp. 870
   Strong Men (Closing Stanzas)p. 877