Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 7
   A note on the recipesp. 10
   Ancient Egyptian bread, 1958-1913 BCp. 11
   Kanasu broth (Meat and vegetable stew), circa 1700 BCp. 15
   Tiger nut sweets, circa 1400 BCp. 17
   Fish baked in fig leaves, 350 BCp. 19
   To salt ham, 160 BCp. 21
   Roast goat, 30 BCp. 24
   Another sauce for fowl, AD 10p. 26
   Honeyed cheesecakes, circa AD 200p. 30
   Congee, AD 636p. 33
   Dried fish, circa AD 800p. 35
   Manchet bread, circa 1070p. 38
   Pasta, 1154p. 42
   Rummaniyya (Meatballs in pomegranate sauce), 1250p. 44
   Pear of pies, 1379p. 46
   Erbolate (Baked eggs with herbs), 1390p. 49
   Green porray, 1392p. 52
   Party planning, 1420p. 55
   Muscules in shelle (Mussels in white wine sauce), 1440p. 58
   Lese fryes (Cheese tart), circa 1450p. 61
   Ravioli for non-Lenten times, 1465p. 65
   For to bake quinces, 1500p. 69
   Hippocras jelly, 1530p. 72
   Turkey tomales, circa 1540p. 74
   Hot chocolate, 1568p. 77
   To prepare a thick broth called zabaglione, 1570p. 81
   Earth apples (Potatoes fried and simmered with bacon bits), 1581p. 85
   Trifle, 1596p. 88
   Prince-biskets (Prince biscuits), 1602p. 91
   To butter crawfish, 1604p. 95
   An Englishman discovers the fork, 1611p. 99
   Spargus with white sauce, 1651p. 103
   A good supper dish (Mutton baked in breadcrumbs), 1664p. 106
   Peas soope, 1669p. 109
   Roast fillet of beef, 1671p. 112
   Fish experiment XIII, 1681p. 115
   Tomato sauce in the Spanish style, 1692p. 118
   Salad dressing, 1699p. 121
   Ice cream, 1718p. 124
   Puff past (Puff pastry), 1739p. 127
   Little foie gras pastries with truffles, 1740p. 130
   Capon de galera (Fisherman s chicken), 1747p. 134
   To make chip marmalade, 1783p. 138
   Sandwiches, 1787p. 141
   A buttered apple pie, 1796p. 144
   Soufflé, 1816p. 148
   Spring fruit pudding, 1817p. 151
   Pheasant Brillat-Savarin, 1825p. 155
   Cupcake, 1828p. 159
   Petite soufflés à la rose, 1833p. 163
   Brussels sprouts, 1845p. 167
   Kedgeree or kidgeree, an Indian breakfast dish, 1845p. 169
   Welsh rarebit, 1852p. 173
   Cauliflower & cheese, 1860p. 177
   Roly-poly jam pudding, 1861p. 182
   Eggs à la Benedick, 1894p. 187
   Hollandaise sauce, 1895p. 190
   Strawberry shortcake, 1896p. 192
   Preparation of peas, 1902p. 195
   Peach Melba, 1903p. 199
   Scotch barley broth, 1907p. 202
   Onion butter sauce, 1908p. 205
   Croque monsieur, 1915p. 209
   Chocolate cake, 1916p. 212
   Spaghetti à la Campbell, 1916p. 216
   Creamed mushrooms, 1919p. 219
   Strawberry ice-cream soda 1927p. 222
   Toad-in-the-hole, 1927p. 225
   Quick oatmeal cookies, 1931p. 228
   Drum roll of colonial fish, 1932p. 231
   Omelette, 1937p. 235
   Elderberry & apple jam, 1940p. 239
   French creamed oysters, 1941p. 243
   Rice Krispies Treats, 1941p. 246
   Cinnamon and nutmeg sponge cake, 1945p. 249
   Victoria sandwich cake, 1948p. 253
   Cassoulet toulousain, 1950p. 256
   Boeuf bourgignon (Beef stew in red wine, with bacon, onions and mushrooms), 1961p. 260
   Watercress soup for one, 1963p. 266
   A large cocktail crush for 40, 1965p. 269
   Cheese fondue, 1970p. 272
   Mediterranean lemon soup with Middle Eastern tacos, 1971p. 275
   Plum tart, 1971p. 279
   Lamb korma, 1973p. 284
   Ginger cake, 1974p. 288
   Salmon fish cakes, 1976p. 291
   Sweet & sour pork, 1984p. 296
   Giura (Slow-braised beef), 1986p. 299
   Tagliatelle of oyster with caviar, 1987p. 302
   Chicken & goat's cheese mousse with olives, 1987p. 307
   Quails with couscous, 1990p. 311
   Individual sausage, tomato & artichoke-heart pizzas, 1995p. 314
   Pecan waffles with pecan & banana syrup, 1998p. 317
   Salmon tartare with sweet red onion crème fraîche, 1999p. 320
   Fairy cakes, 2000p. 326
   Bacon, leek & potato gratin, 2001p. 330
   Asian salad with ponzu ginger dressing & wasabi peas, 2006p. 333
   Steamed brioche with rose-scented mozzarella, 2008p. 336
   Steamed salmon with tomato basil couscous, 2009p. 341
   Spaghetti alia carbonara, 2010p. 344
   Meat fruit (or fois gras & chicken liver parfait), 2011p. 348
   Select bibliographyp. 352
   Indexp. 355
   Text and picture creditsp. 359
   Acknowledgmentsp. 360