Table of Contents
   A Guide to Polish Pronunciation
   Introductionp. 1
   Life in the Old Country and the Mass Migration to Americap. 7
   "The Old Neighborhood Isn't the Same Any More": The Evolution of Polish-American Ethnicityp. 19
   Polish-American Easter Celebrationsp. 30
   The Christmas Cycle and Minor Holidaysp. 40
   Rites of Passage: Births and Deaths in Polish-American Communitiesp. 51
   Faith, Love, and Community: The Wedding in Poloniap. 61
   Spinning Tales, Weaving the Fabric of Identity: Polish-American Narrativesp. 73
   "Guardian Angel, Stay by My Side": Folk Religion in Poloniap. 88
   The Garden of Healing: Polish-American Folk Medicinep. 99
   Polish Folk Songs: Seeds of a New Musical Stylep. 109
   An American Original: The Polkap. 124
   Reinventing the Reel: Polish Folk Dances in Poloniap. 141
   Games People Play: Folk Arts, Crafts, and Recreationp. 149
   Pierogi, Kielbasa, and Other Symbols of Ethnicity: Polish-American Foodwaysp. 159
   Anchors and Passports to Polishness: Public Folklore in Poloniap. 171
   App.: The Interviewsp. 181
   Notesp. 185
   Works Citedp. 219
   Indexp. 229