Table of Contents
   Foreword by Norman Davies
   Author's Note
      The Hunt
   We Are Enslaved
      A Knock on the Door
      Train to Nowhere
   The Inhuman Land
      The Russian Steppes
      Winter and Wolves
      The Petroviches
      War and Shortages
      The Interrogation
      Holding On
      Starvation and Vodka
      The Culture of Communism
   Escape to Freedom
      The Escape Plan
      Jurek's Ordeal
      Aboard the Kaganovich
   The Bitter Taste of Freedom
      The Beach at Pahlevi
      The Air Force Hangar
      The Darkest Hour
      An Unexpected Visitor
      Shattered Hopes
      Desert Games
      The Orphanage
      The Silver Case
   People without a Country
      At the Crossroads
      "Where the Sun Never Sets"
   Journey's End
      The Magnificent Aquitania
      Thanksgiving Day
      Making Peace with God
   The Passage of Time
      For Whom the Bells Toll
      The Circle Closes
   Afterword: Circumstances Surrounding the Katyn Tragedy
   Appendix: Letters to America