Table of Contents
      The End At The Beginningp. 3
   Season Of The Day Moon
      Portrait Of A Sandalp. 11
      Feelersp. 44
      Leaps In The Darkp. 93
   The Sea Round
      A Place To Sleep By Dayp. 157
      Spring Tide, Neap Tide, Ebb Tide, Floodp. 202
      Ka Tata Te Pop. 239
   The Lightning Struck Tower
      Mirrortalkp. 261
      Nightfallp. 302
      Candles In The Windp. 310
   Feldapart Sinews, Breaken Bones
      The Kaumatua And The Broken Manp. 335
      The Boy By His Ownp. 386
      The Woman At The Wellspring Of Deathp. 411
      Moonwater Pickingp. 441
      Translation of Maori Words and Phrasesp. 446