Table of Contents
   List of Mapsp. viii
   Acknowledgmentsp. ix
   Introductionp. 1
   The Prince's Education, 1901-1921
      The Boy, the Family, and the Meiji Legaciesp. 21
      Cultivating an Emperorp. 57
      Confronting the Real Worldp. 83
   The Politics of Good Intentions, 1922-1930
      The Regency and the Crisis of Taisho Democracyp. 127
      The New Monarchy and the New Nationalismp. 171
      A Political Monarch Emergesp. 205
   His Majesty's Wars, 1931-1945
      The Manchurian Transformationp. 235
      Restoration and Repressionp. 279
      Holy Warp. 317
      Stalemate and Escalationp. 359
      Prologue to Pearl Harborp. 387
      The Ordeal of Supreme Commandp. 439
      Delayed Surrenderp. 487
   The Unexamined Life, 1945-1989
      A Monarchy Reinventedp. 533
      The Tokyo Trialp. 581
      Salvaging the Imperial Mystiquep. 619
      The Quiet Years and the Legacies of Showap. 647
   Notesp. 689
   Indexp. 771