IT'S MADNESS!!! And wicked cool.

Making a mess is generally frowned upon, but if you are learning important scientific principles and creating cool science experiments, then the mess will have to be excused. Within the pages of this diabolically genius book is a collection of experiments that kids can do at home.* They may make a mess, but they are fun, easy, and educational.

Test Newton’s theories about viscosity by making Gooey Glop. (Newton thought that liquids maintain the same viscosity no matter how much pressure is applied to them. Not so with Gooey Glop.) Learn all about the states of matter and make some Ooze (or polymer), Sculpting Slime, and more (including fake puke!). You’ll learn about great inventions throughout history that were stumbled upon by mistake, and scientists who tinkered and played in their kitchens all the way to the bank.

Amazing concoctions, fun experiments, kooky science-it’s all in one book, and kids will go mad for it!

* While these experiments are safe, when playing in the kitchen it is always smart to have a parent or guardian present.

This book is good for your brain because:
Science education and experimentation