She had wanted, and she had taken what she wanted. Just like always.

Praise for 'Red Audrey and the Roping' by Jill Malone:"Luminescent writing.... Finely tuned, daring, and perceptive, Malone's auspicious debut leaves us wanting more."-Whitney Scott, 'Booklist' "A lyrical, passionate novel about desire, about danger, and about the need for self-forgiveness. A wonderfully impressive writing debut."-Sarah Waters, author of 'Tipping the Velvet' and 'The Night Watch' "First-rate writing and characterization."-Cecelia Martin, 'Diva' "Malone's nonlinear novel jitterbugs through time and place-the splintered chronology is a rewarding challenge.... A dazzling and dramatic debut."-Richard Labont#65533;, BookMarks/Q SyndicateIn Jill Malone's second novel, 'A Field Guide to Deception', nothing is as simple as it appears: community, notions of motherhood, the nature of goodness, nor even compelling love. Revelations are punctured and then revisited with deeper insight, alliances shift, and heroes turn anti-hero-and vice versa.With her aunt's deathClaire Bernard loses her best companion, her livelihood, and her son's co-parent. Malone's smart, intriguing writing beguiles the reader into this taut, compelling story of a makeshift family and the reawakening of a past they'd hoped to outrun. Claire's journey is the unifying tension in this book of layered and shifting alliances. 'A Field Guide to Deception' is a serious novel filled with snappy dialogue, quick-moving and funny incidents, compelling characterizations, mysterious plot twists, and an unexpected climax. It is a rich, complex tale for literary readers. Jill Malone 's first novel, 'Red Audrey and the Roping', won the Bywater Prize for Fiction.