Saying Goodbye To Someone You Loveconsists of moving narratives describing families personal experiences with dying loved ones enrolled in hospice programs, complemented by comprehensive up-to-date guidelines that advise families on coping with the demands of comforting their loved ones through the last stages of life and maximizing the benefits of hospice. The book empowers readers by helping them acquire an intimate understanding of hospice and the dying process, acting as a guide in uncharted territory, and showing them how have others have succeeded and that they can too. It helps readers gain a better understanding of the dying process and prepares them to participate in the decision-making process. The narratives and advice inSaying Goodbye To Someone You Lovebenefits all members of a family as they accompany a loved one on a final journey — parents, spouses, partners, children, and siblings.

"Named a 2010 Self Help Best Book by Library Journal

Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love consists of moving narratives about end of life and grief. These personal histories are complemented by practical guidelines for those caring for their loved ones through the last stages of life. For those who are grieving, the true-to-life-stories demonstrate how others have navigated through the tidal wave of emotions and reactions that characterize the grief process. For health care professionals and those who are offering support to grievers, Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love provides a new perspective on the challenges of caring for the dying and living with grief.

Hundreds of poignant, touching, loving, humorous personal experiences address readers' concerns and curiosity about how others have faced life's final chapter with love and dignity. Specific issues include talking about death, hospice, funerals, grieving, and celebrating life.

Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love empowers readers by