When you havent had sex in a long time, it feels like the worst thing that could ever happen.If youre living in Germany in the 1930s, it probably isnt.But thats no consolation to Egon Loeser, whose carnal misfortunes will push him from the experimental theaters of Berlin to the absinthe bars of Paris to the physics laboratories of Los Angeles, trying all the while to solve two mysteries: Was it really a deal with Satan that claimed the life of his hero, Renaissance set designer Adriano Lavicini, creator of the so-called Teleportation Device? And why is it that a handsome, clever, modest guy like him cant--just once in a while--get himself laid?From Ned Beauman, the author of the acclaimed "Boxer, Beetle," comes a historical novel that doesnt know what year it is; a noir novel that turns all the lights on; a romance novel that arrives drunk to dinner; a science fiction novel that cant remember what "isotope" means; a stunningly inventive, exceptionally funny, dangerously unsteady and (largely) coherent novel about sex, violence, space, time, and how the best way to deal with history is to ignore it.