From the Nordic noir duo who brought you "The New York Times" bestseller "The Boy in the Suitcase "comes a chilling new thriller with a mystery seventy-years in the making.
Nina. Natasha. Olga. Three women united by one terrifying secret. But only one of them has killed to keep it.
Natasha Doroshenko, a Ukrainian woman who has been convicted for the attempted murder of her Danish ex-fiance, escapes police custody on her way to an interrogation in Copenhagen s police headquarters. That same night, the ex-fiance s frozen, tortured body is found in a car. It isn t the first time the young Ukrainian woman has lost a partner to violent ends: her first husband was murdered three years earlier in Kiev in the same manner.
Danish Red Cross nurse Nina Borg has followed Natasha s case for years now, ever since Natasha first took refuge at her crisis center. Nina just can t see the young mother as a vicious killer. But in her effort to protect Natasha s daughter and discover the truth, Nina realizes there is much she didn t know about Natasha and her past. The mystery has long and bloody roots, going back to a terrible famine that devastated Stalinist Ukraine in 1934, when a ten-year-old girl with the voice of a nightingale sang her family into shallow graves."