West Owens has been able to move his life along very nicely over the years, repairing one car at a time in the auto repair shop that he's always dreamed of owning. When Mrs. Shirley Bullock calls and asks for a favor, he is more than happy to oblige--even though it means taking a chance and hiring her ex-con grandson, Tavious Bell, to work with him.
As soon as Tavious gets accustomed to living outside of prison walls, he divulges to West a shocking secret. During his twenty-year stint behind bars, he has been sitting on something very near and dear to his heart: two million dollars The problem is that someone has it, and Tavious has no idea who that could be.
Once again, and much sooner than expected after promising his live-in girlfriend Lauren that he is finished poking around in other people's business, West finds himself in a dangerous situation. It takes him and his circle of friends into the darkness of the city of Atlanta--which they never knew existed--to help his new employee recover missing money that, if they find it, could benefit them all.